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Welcome to MusicJIndex

MusicJIndex is a new EASY tool to manage your mp3 collections. What does it have more than the millions of programs which do this? Well, its facility for home use. It solves the problem when your MP3 collection is in a Linux server (soon for Windows too).

The Problem

There is the directory 'music' somewhere in your great Linux music server. You, me and almost everyone have seen our HD grow with mp3s very quickly, and having great trouble to put some order there. Well, first thing you do is to put the mp3s of the same author in the same directory. Next, create new directories which try to classify your artists. But soon you see that classification of music can be tricky and you begin to loose ground as your collection grows!

The Solution

MusicJIndex THE graphical Java solution for your classification.

You should have the following directory tree:

In the classification directories, all you do is to have links to the directories in the 'artists' directory. This way, you can have multiple classifications for a single artist, for example: B.B. King can be in 'jazz', 'blues' and 'english'.

We have to have then a MusicJIndex server running on the machine with the directories, and you can acces with the client part from anywhere.


For Windows, we provide an installer program made with NSIS, so it's pretty trivial (just the client part). For Unices, simply untar the file given as distribution here (contains the Window installer also)

To compile, please see the Makefile or just type: make under the 'java' directory NOTE.- Server must run on a Linux (or Unix) machine (soon with Windows too).

Easy Configuration

A great thing is that MusicJIndex is configurable, letting you the possibility to decide the names of the directories 'music' and 'artists'; the port number for server. The configuration file is mjindex.conf.

Server Part

MusicJIndex consists of two parts: the server and client part. The server is a daemon that should run on your Linux music server (soon in Windows too). To launch this server, you simply edit the config file for your needs, and type (in the 'class' directory):

java musicjindex.server.MusicSrv

Client Part

The client must be launched from a machine that can reach the server. As we used Java, it can run on ANY OS.

Also, the client comes with an installer for Windows OS. It has been created with NSIS. Once you install it, you just have to modify the config file created in your install dir.

If you downloaded the whole, to launch it, you type (in the 'class' directory):

java musicjindex.client.MusicJIndex


java -jar mjindex.jar

Or if you installed your client with the installer, Click on it!


I don't even know why do I put this subtitle, it's MusicJIndex!! (very easy to use)


MusicJindex is under the GPL license.

Author is Vecalciskay, please feel free to mail me: for comments and/or suggestions (I know, it's hotmail :-(